Every available model is documented and dynamically presented.

Model Dynamic Documentation

An interactive library of the models , in the form of a responsive “infographic”, for all models, with regard to their features.

Overview and Comparative Assessment

  • Global Models

  • National/ Regional Models for Europe

  • National/ Regional Models for countries outside Europe

Detailed Model Documentation

A detailed documentation of each one of the global, regional and national models of the PARIS REINFORCE modelling ensemble

Variable Harmonisation Heatmap

This tool creates on-demand heatmaps that indicate how different variables are handled across the different models within the Paris Reinforce consortium.

I2AM PARIS seeks to enable modellers to communicate with one another and stakeholders to interact with modelling assumptions, scenarios and results in an informative way and to understand which decarbonisation pathways are the most relevant and realistic, ultimately enhancing the legitimacy of the scientific processes and improving the transparency of the employed methods, models and tools.


Choose among the following workspaces

Where are we headed?

These are the results produced by the analysis made using the models of the Paris Reinforce project.

EU Recovery Policy DB

This workspace includes the CINEA Climate Neutrality WGII Shared EU Recovery Policy Database for modelling research.

Open Call

Connecting modelling groups across the world in I2AM PARIS!

Integrated assessment and energy system modellers are welcome to submit documentation of their models. The template to fill in the required information can be found here, and an example based on the GCAM model can be found here. Please e-mail the template filled in for your model to


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